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Enjoy a digital edition of the Toronto Star on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Get daily access to the Star ePaper, a digital replica of the printed newspaper. What you see in the Star, is what you will see in your digital ePaper edition, but with some cool interactive features students are sure to enjoy.

Our education edition includes:

  • ePaper access for up to 30 simultaneous users.
  • Complimentary Digital Access on thestar.com


Along with the newspaper-like feel of flipping through pages and sections, you will also have access to these interactive features, which enhance your reading and sharing experience.

Access across multiple devices

Read the edition with your students on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Smartflow/Page view

Choose to view articles and entire issues exactly as they appear in print.


Search for keywords and set up topics to monitor the search terms in the publications.


Listen to articles read back in a variety of languages.


Instantly translate content in multiple languages.


Share articles by email, blog, facebook, twitter and other social channels.


Save articles via bookmarks for future reference.


Print pages, articles, puzzles, and images anytime you need.

Back Issues

Easily access up to 6 months of archives.

About Us


These three words sum up why so many schools across the country utilize the newspaper as a teaching resource in the classroom. The newspaper is a great tool to support critical-thinking, reading, writing, social studies, and media literacy skills.

In a time when it can be hard to separate fact from fiction in the news you read online or watch on television, you can be sure that the Toronto Star will provide your students with well-researched and credible information to support their learning objectives.

Make the Toronto Star a part of your teaching toolkit, because the more students know, the more they grow.