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Smith right to stop Trudeau at the border

Danielle Smith invokes sovereignty act on green electricity, Nov. 27

I fully support Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s efforts to make Alberta a no-go zone for Ottawa. I can’t imagine Ottawa attacking Ontario’s auto industry as harshly as Ottawa has attacked the oil and gas sector in Alberta. Any federal government that respected the hard earned dollars of Canadian taxpayers would not make this mistake. Unfortunately the thriftless Trudeau government has never balanced a budget or worried about the wasteful spending of federal taxpayer dollars. Alberta wins with Smith’s Sovereignty Act, period, end of story. Alberta will likely save Canadian taxpayers a lot of money in constitutional challenges by using the act frequently and often to protect Alberta and shut down Trudeau at the Alberta border. Take a bow Premier Smith, you are indeed the defender of Alberta!

Chris Robertson, Stony Plain, Alta.





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