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Declarer won in hand to continue with the three of spades but West rose with the king and switched to the ace of hearts. The defense swiftly cashed two more hearts and three diamond tricks to earn a three-trick set, N-S -500.

West was in a tight spot when partner offered a responsive double revealing values and length in the red-suits. He did not want to introduce a three-card heart suit and rejected a spade rebid because partner had denied support.

He judged to pass hoping to defeat the partscore where the actual result exceeded his expectations and earned his side a matchpoint top.

North's weak jump raise does not appear unreasonable although he lacked any shortness. Unfortunately, partner had opened a bare-bones minimum and held only three clubs.

A heart contract would handle well on this layout where ten tricks would be available because of the favorable breaks in the red-suits. West could easily manage a club ruff to lose only two clubs and the ace of spades.

It is certainly possible that East might raise to the major suit game when West elects to rebid three hearts.





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